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Residential Services

Service Description

Destiny House is a congregate service providing 24-hour supervision in a community-based home for residents with a DSM V diagnosis of intellectual disability. Services include supervision, supports, counseling, and training in activities of daily living for individuals whose person centered plan identifies the need for the specific types of services available in this setting through Destiny House.

about img Expected Benefits Eligibility Criteria

  • Establishment of realistic goals
  • Improvement in overall functioning
  • Development of social skills
  • More productive member in society

  • Purpose of Destiny House

    To improve the Individuals quality of life:
  • By developing, evaluating and delivering of program
  • Promote personal development
  • Promote overall well-being
  • Person-centered approach
  • about img Goals

    To provide person-centered programming such as:
  • Supervision
  • Supports
  • Counseling
  • Training in activities of daily living



    Our Philosophy

    Everyone was created equal and should be recognized for their individual uniqueness. They should be loved and be treated with dignity and respect. They should have equal rights and opportunities.

    about img Person-Centered Practices

  • Listening
  • Community
  • Self-Direction
  • Talents and Gifts
  • Responsibility
  • Population Served (Destiny House)

  • Intellectual Disability
  • Females 18 years and older
  • Mobile able to walk up and down stairs
  • Deficits in the activities of daily living